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Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Harry Potter Fans Start Early

Ok, so we've got a massive wall of bookshelves that are piled with books (and other crap that gets tossed up out of kid reach, but that's beside the point). They go from floor to ceiling and are a toddler temptation.

We put up a massively long toddler gate to block them off, but the gate didn't completely fit well, so there was a loop in the gate on one side that King would tend to fill with any object he could toss over the edge. It was a pain to clean, and you never knew what garbage you'd find when you did.

My husband decided that King was old enough not to take the books off the shelf all the time (ha!) and took the gate off. The living room is cleaner without the crap pile, but King, of course, loves taking the books off the shelf.

Apparently he's a big Harry Potter fan, because the other day he just took the Harry Potter books down. He removed the dust cover on each one and then lined them up on the couch.

If he does it again, I'm taking a picture.

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