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Monday, March 30, 2009

Slow Recovery

The house of ick is slowly getting better. The boy's been a limp noodle for most of the day, but his fever is gone. The girl came down with the ick last night, but she only lost one meal and has done much better than the boy did. 

We're in the process of trying to decide what extra services we'd like to ask the state to fund this year. We can get a family grant for partial funding for something. We need to find out if they're going to recommend the AAC device, and if so, how much we owe. If the AAC is no longer a recommendation, I think we'll look at some private OT or ABA services.  

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  1. Can I just say that I love your "the boy"? I have called my son "the boy" for 19 years now. My students invariably shake their head and ask how can I call him that. I explain that he is THE boy to me. My world has revolved around him. When his sisters came along, and they too were autistic, well, they are THE girlies to me. It is not a rejection, not a distancing, but a deep sign of my love for them that they are THE to me. Now I know you may have just used the boy and the girl to protect your children's identities, and in that case I read more into it than there was. Either way, though, way cool. :-)