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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Let's Internet Diagnose Everyone

I guess I've finally "made it." I got a comment in my last entry with a link to an Amanda Baggs denier. Amanda Baggs, for the uninitiated, is an autism rights activist. She lives independently with a lot of supports and speaks out about her experiences. She shot to e-fame when she created this video:

And then she was on CNN and CBS. Where they, btw, interviewed her state-supplied caregivers. If she's faking it, damn, she's good. She's just like Obama with his ability to go back in time and make Hawaiian newspapers print birth announcements.

Amanda Baggs has a lot of strong opinions, which she makes in both video and written form. I don't necessarily agree with all of them, and I don't necessarily disagree with all of them. She is a person with opinions, and they are informed by her personal experiences.

I guess, however, that sometimes the easiest way to disagree with opinions of a disabled person is to decide that the person making them must somehow be faking it. Deaf people couldn't possibly mean it when they say they don't want to hear, and that they are proud to be Deaf right? And yet, they do. And sometimes they even *gasp* express opinions on how hearing people should raise Deaf children. Are Deaf people faking it? So why should it be any different when someone who is autistic says they don't want to be cured?


  1. I hear that dumb broads who write blogs favoring Neuroinsanity want to remain stupid.

  2. Aww, smooches to you, too, crazypants.