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Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And on the kid front

The girl neither is nor isn't an aspie. The diagnosis is neither given nor ruled out at this time. She's doing well in school. She's also skipping more of her lunch. Her dad is not a worrier. Her mother is. I think I'll buy some whole milk yogurt and serve guacamole more often.

The boy is suddenly talking a lot more, and it's a trend I hope continues.

He's using "more ___ please" sign phrases to ask for things. Sometimes he vocalizes with it. Sometime not. Not sure how the school will feel about this total mishmash of talker and sign language and verbal language thing, but it's what has worked for us so far.

Old MacDonald had a farm, and apparently he keeps it very well stocked with cows. They're moo mooing her, there, and everywhere. And it's awesome to hear.

Got back his test results, too. Last year he scored as approximately 25 months old. This year he scores as approximately 25 months old. Er... In all fairness, I think the test missed skills he actually had just from being in a strange testing environment. Still, I'd hoped for some awesome improvements.

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  1. Hi. I'm not responding to this post but rather here to ask if you are the Autism Nostrum who did a youtube video of folding a cloth diaper? I was curious what age your baby was when you took that video. You mention in the description of the video that your baby had since been diagnosed w/ autism and looking back you notice he/she doesn't make eye contact. My son doesn't make eye contact often but he's only 4 mos. He reacts similar to the baby in the video...not as severe but similar. I'm trying not to be over reactive but I'd also like to know to get help for him asap.

    If you aren't the same person....sorry for bothering you!! :)