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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

He's "a little ADD"

After all, it's not like it's sometimes hard to distinguish autism and ADHD now is it?

Although children with autism and ADHD may be behave differently, there is evidence that these disorders may be caused, in part, by the same gene.
Gee, how curious. And her son was suffering from a seizure disorder at the time of diagnosis, which brings up the possibility of misdiagnosis.

Hey, he could have had autism and improved to the point that he's subclinical. Such things do happen. He could have had ADHD and a seizure disorder. Or a brain disorder that caused seizures and communication deficits. I notice she's never been particularly specific about who exactly undiagnosed him. Her DAN! doctor? I think she's also far too financially invested in autism to ever admit he was misdiagnosed, if that is the case.

But boy, that autism could come back any second now. Any second. Or, you know, it could still be there and just be less obvious.

BTW - Time has a great article. Note how his parents react at the end.

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