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Saturday, October 17, 2009

My Partner in Crime

So, I was at an autism conference. As usual with most conferences, there was a mixture of great info and really bad stuff. One otherwise good presentation mentioned Thoughtful House as a great organization and then went on to stress the importance of quality research. Um...
Anyway, I had a partner in crime. Over lunch I was talking with a couple of self advocates, and I mentioned Jenny McCarthy and woo. He looked up and said, "You don't by any chance blog, do you?" Ha!  Turns out he thought I was kwombles. Not quite, but a really good guess. She's brave enough to go sans pseudonym.
By far the best of the worst session we saw was a DAN! presentation. It was in a lecture hall. We sat in the back, or as he put it "closer to heaven and further from hell."  He asked her about safety concerns with chelation and the validity of HBOT research. I asked her if she thought any detectable level of yeast was acceptable or if she treated all of it.  She didn't have fantastic answers but, that all is a blog post for another day.


  1. Oh, wow. :-)That made my Sunday morning.

    I would have liked to have seen the DAN doctor's reaction to the questions. I'm looking forward to the blog on the answers she gave!

  2. How cool for Kim!! I am so glad you had company there..It can be lonely be the only voice of reason..:)