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Friday, October 2, 2009

Not dead yet...

Just busy and distracted. Things of note, I suppose:
My son is talking more. Having the AAC has really helped him find things to talk about. He's attempting polite small talk.

Very few people would actually understand any of this. He's mostly speaking in vowels, and our familiarity with what he's saying and context let us know about it, but the rest of the world remains pretty clueless. Which is another good reason he's got a talker.

And now for the outrage.

Really, Autism Speaks? Really? This is how autism... speaks?

Boy, I'd sure love to give you a donation. Might help you buy some more holy water and crucifixes to fight this demon thing off before it breaks my marriage up for fun. Let me find my wallet. Shoot, where'd I put it? Dagnabbit, Autism! I told you to stop stealing my money! Ack, it's got me! ... Brains.... must eat brains....

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