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Monday, January 25, 2010

Attention, Attention

So, it turns out (much to our not surprise), that we're a family full of neurological variation. Took the girl to a neurologist, and she's been diagnosed with ADHD and a reading disability.  We're not at all surprised with the news, since both of these things have been something we've suspected for a while.

We decided that we'd go ahead and give medication a try. Right now we're trying Daytrana. We gave it a weekend trial, and it went as we had hoped. She was the same girl, same personality, just a bit better focused. We don't want a zombie. We don't want an anxious worry wart. We want just a bit more focus in school, and when we've got the reading issues more under control, we'll give it a shot without the meds.

Another bright spot - she didn't have any problems eating, and she went to bed on time.  

Here's to hoping this will work for us.


  1. Fingers crossed for you and Princess. :-)

  2. I never heard of that...I first read it as "Daytona" and thought..."oh like a fast car?" :)

  3. Hope it all turns out the way you want.

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  4. Thanks for the well wishes. So far mostly so good. She's stopped eating lunches at school - as in she just drinks the juice. So we're having to figure out how to compensate for that part.