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Friday, January 15, 2010

Good morning 2010

I've got a busy year planned. Hopefully I'll have a chance to keep up with the latest rantings and ravings, but if I don't, there's a good reason for it. I've got a contract in the mail for a project that will eat up most of my time from now until June. So it doesn't mean I've fallen off the planet. It means I'm working on paying projects for a bit.

Things that take money are also underway. We're scheduling a tentative potty party for the boy in February. It's a bit odd to pay $70 an hour to have someone come out and feed him juice and clap when he pees, but we're just stuck at this point. It would really really really be nice if he could not be in diapers in Kindergarten. Really nice. He's never going to be a neurotypical kid, but man, his chances of any sort of positive social interaction in school will be so much better if he doesn't start the year by earning the nickname "Poopypants."

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  1. Good luck on the potty training and on the paying project! :-)