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Friday, February 20, 2009

Eggs and the power of no

I've been doing a lot of choices by asking twenty questions. Sometimes King knows the words, and sometimes it's a matter of finding the thing he doesn't say no to. 

This morning for breakfast. 

He followed me into the kitchen and said what sounded like "cup,"  but he said no to all the cups I offered. I lifted him up and he picked out a plate. I asked him what he wanted on the plate, but he couldn't say. Finally I pulled out a pan and asked if he wanted eggs. Yes. He wanted eggs.  He practiced saying and signing eggs while we cooked them.   

It's as if he's finally hit that "language explosion" that most kids get at around age two. He knows what language is. He knows he needs to learn it, and he's taking lots of notes. Sometimes literally. He's taken to writing "BINGO" on his magnadoodle lately to get us to sing along. 

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  1. I remember when my son had his "language explosion" and I didn't have to ask the 20 questions for everything. He was about 2.5 years. It just gets better and better with time.

    Last weekend, we were in Washington, DC, mainly for my son's NASA obsession, and he started opining on the Apollo missions and the various differences between the Mercury and Gemini missions, listing all the astronauts who were on what mission and the dates of everything. Everyone was stopping and staring in him with amazement. I was so proud! He is 7.