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Monday, February 9, 2009

Seeing the Good in the Meltdown

So yesterday was a bit of an up and down day. King's been ill, and I think he's still a bit cranky. We had some kettle corn earlier in the day, which he loved, and he kept asking for more "pop." 

The last time around, he comes over and asks, clear as day, for "more popcorn." I would have loved to have rewarded him, but we'd all just finished the bag. I told him we were all out of popcorn. Instant meltdown. 

I suppose I could be bummed, but I'm not. Not only did he ask clearly for something, he understood me when I told him we were out. He wasn't sad because he wasn't communicating. He was sad because we didn't have any popcorn. 

That's big progress. 

BTW, he had a bowl of Cheerios later on, and that turned out to be a just fine substitute snack for him. 

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