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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Another Thing to Obsess About

So, my husband is a stay at home dad, and sometimes I get things through the "man" filter. The man filter is busy paying attention to getting kids dressed, fed, and picked up from school and doesn't always catch those buzz words people say to him in meetings. The man filter sometimes misunderstands things the special ed teacher says, and the man filter doesn't remember every single detail so his Google-obsessed wife can go look them all up. 

He's not as obsessed about details and devouring special ed books, but he's a loving dad and the kids are cared for and clean plus they have a roof over their heads from my job. It's a compromise. Anyway, when the hubby told me last month that they wanted to test Princess for Asperger Syndrome, I had him recall the conversation he had to the best of his ability, and it sounded like they'd said they wanted to "evaluate her more" and he'd suggested AS, and they'd just responded with "... or something."  

I'd taken it to mean they wanted to find out if she had other LDs, they wanted to see if she were maybe ADHD (something I've suspected)... or something. 

Well, no, they're evaluating her for AS.  I'm really not sure how to feel about it.  Should I get indignant and insist that this isn't her problem? I don't think it is, but then again, exactly which subset of typically developing seven year olds am I comparing her against? I'm not a child development expert. How do I know what impaired social skills are? I swear she knows how to read emotions, makes eye contact, communicates her emotions clearly, and has imaginative play out the wazoo, but then...  there are the doubts.  

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