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Saturday, January 24, 2009

More studies

Just got the paperwork for yet another study for the boy. It's not like the kid is a cornucopia of study cash, for anyone wondering. This is worth a massive $25 gift card per visit for two visits. However, it will further science.

They're doing a blood test to see if he has increased oxytocin and/or G-protein levels. He does amazingly well with blood draws, so I'm ok with that part. The only thing that might disqualify him from the study is his milk allergy, so we'll see on that.

They had an initial study with other kids that found increased levels, and they're tying to replicate their initial findings. I find this ironic, considering recent buzz about whether or not oxytocin could be a treatment for autism. If this study's findings are correct? That'd be a big no, but I'm sure it wouldn't stop anyone from declaring it to be this year's secretin.

It's also ironic that if he qualifies for the study, they'll have to test him for autism and give him a few IQ tests. We just paid them $350 last year to do all that, and now they'll be paying us.

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