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Friday, January 23, 2009

Studying - Or Not

King is on the border for qualifying for a study for kids using AAC devices. They want to see if the devices get kids to talk faster than those not using them. But they want kids with less than a 20 word spoken vocabulary. 

Initially they said we didn't qualify because I said he knows more than 20 words. But then later I clarified that he knows more than 20 words but doesn't functionally use them. He labels objects and things, he counts, and he'll say words after the fact but won't use the word to get the desired result. 

They decided that this would, in fact, qualify him. 

Since that conversation in the Fall, I'm pretty sure he's passed that threshold. I'm not sure what his current rate of language use is, but he regularly functionally uses words like, water, juice, more, please, cracker, again, up, go/let's go, etc. 

However, I'm pretty sure he doesn't actually do so more than 20 times per day. 

Well, we'll see. It's an observation only study, so we won't be able to get extra intervention services through it, but it would mean a little more money toward the swing set fund. Plus, you know, forwarding research and actual science. That beats feeding kids antifungal creams any day of the week. 

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