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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Sleep, or lack thereof

King is actually a pretty good sleeper, as far as it goes. He's usually asleep all night, and while it takes him a while to get there, he's out like a rock when he does. But last night he fell asleep around 6 pm on the couch, and my husband made the mistake of thinking he was extra tired and down for the count.

He was out until 2:40 am, according to my watch. And then nothing in the world would settle him. The boy was calling for us to open things, talking to himself, loudly vocal stimming, running around, and generally making our sleep less feasible. I asked him if he wanted to cuddle, and I got a loud "Noooooooo!" Um, yay that he answered a yes/no question, at least.

Next time he falls asleep at 6 pm, we're waking him up.

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