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Monday, January 26, 2009


King has been very interested in his toddler board books with labeled items. Specifically the food book. That's been a big hit. He loves to have us name all the foods for him, and I catch him naming the food for himself (but he'll insist you do it for him if you catch him.)

Today, everything is about cakes. King took out one of his puzzles with a big cake, and greeted me this morning to inform me "Cake!" "Cake!" "Cake!" He also pointed out his Curious George books where George was eating something cake-like. Pancakes and chocolates as the case may be, but we'll go with cake. And then he pointed to and correctly labeled George.

Yay for talking. I'm thinking we need to make a nice dairy free cake to celebrate.

I'm also thinking we should make him a few word books to keep the whole talking ball rolling.

1 comment:

  1. When Braden was that age, he did the same thing. We ate pizza 8 times a week! Definitely make some books, and bake that boy a cake!