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Thursday, January 29, 2009

DSM updates

Until I had a kid with autism, the APA was just a way to format my papers in grad school. Now it's that crazy place where they publish the DSM, which is what those handy dandy doctors pull out to diagnose our kids. 

Anyway, here's some discussion for the next manual.  

#3 and  5

3) How to address Pervasive Developmental Disorders – Not Otherwise Specified (PDD-NOS). The individuals currently diagnosed with PDD-NOS may still be described in DSM-V, but the work group will discuss whether they can redefine ASD in such a way that the PDD-NOS diagnosis isn’t necessary, as this diagnosis currently captures a very heterogeneous group of individuals.

5) Whether Asperger’s disorder is the same as “high-functioning autism”;

See, right now, if you have the teensiest tiniest bit of a speech delay, you cannot have Asperger's. You are shuffled either into PDD-NOS or autism, depending on who sees you and whether or not you beg for different classification in order to be eligible to receive services.  Or you get diagnosed with AS anyway by someone who disagrees with the DSM criteria. So much for standards. 

#4 about whether or not it is a lifelong diagnosis is a beeeg can of worms. On one hand, I do believe it's possible to adapt to the point that you no longer meet the criteria for a diagnosis, on the other hand, if they put that possibility out there, there are a lot of desperate parents out there who will swear by golly that *their* kid will be one of the ones who "recovers," pass the vinegar chelators! Ugh. 

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