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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Autism in babies

So this is hardly conclusive proof or anything, but it struck me as I was going through some old videos - my son really never was good at that whole eye contact thing. Here's a video I made a while back to show how to fold cloth diapers. I shot two takes. The half a second where he glances in my direction is the most eye contact he makes in either take, and I'm not sure he ever actually looked at my face. 

It could be typical behavior for the age. I'd certainly have told you it was back when I shot the video. But now - not so sure.   


  1. With my oldest-I KNEW something was different about him by the time he was four months old...I kept being told that I was an over anxious new mom! So I don't doubt that there could be subtle signs in babies...I was also-so incredibly terrified of making mistakes with my first-that I watched everything. By the time I got to my fourth though...lets just say that I hoped that the cheerios they had somehow found and were eating...were from a box in the cabinet and not from under the couch cushions:)

  2. Haha! I share your cheerio obliviousness. In retrospect, I should have known something was different. There were a lot of things I filed under "hrrrm, that's odd" and just chalked up to different babies having different personalities.

  3. Do autistic children ever develop that stage in childhood where they put a bunch of stuffed animals and plastic babies and Barbies and GI Joes around a table and imitate them talking to one another, as if they are having tea? Just wondering.

  4. It depends on the child, but generally speaking, autistic children are less likely to do that. A lack of imaginative play is a sign of autism.

    Some might have a tea party, some might arrange the toys at a table like a tea party but then not actually do any of the dramatic play, and others might just line all the toys up in a row and not understand the concept of tea party.