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Monday, May 11, 2009

Now this looks promising... an educational summer

I hadn't seen this before. Mrs Riley's PageBuilder.

Instant visual support builder. Very helpful. Reasonably priced, too. I tried it out on preview mode last night, and it looks like it would do exactly what I wanted it to do. Except change from squares to business card templates. Sigh. 

My husband is now insisting he can do the same thing for free using Avery templates and clip art. He's stuck on the templates because he wants to use up the 23432432432 stacks of business card paper we have but haven't yet used. 

But he's digging the idea of a visual weekly planner for the summer, so if he wants to do the work and is willing to use the system, he's welcome to do it however he'd like.  Plus I secretly suspect it will make him more organized to have a visual schedule with things like back yard play and craft time written into the day. 

We found a magnetic white board at Target for easily a quarter of the cost of one over at Office Depot, and the plan is to use magnetic business card backs we also have on hand to tack the items to the schedule.  I'll resist the urge to smuggle sarcastic lolcat captions into his day.   


  1. Oh crap. Now I have to go get the lolcat captions. Hey, I can order my tribble at the same time! I love ThinkGeek. :-)

    (not kidding, now ordering both!)

  2. The lolcat fridge poetry is awesome, but I seem to be the only person in my office and home who is in on the joke.