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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Funding? What funding?

My state decided it was ok to take all the small grants from families and increase the years long waiting list for medicaid waivers. And then they cut public school funding.  Awesome. You see, it's a recession, and everyone has to make a few sacrifices right? Because being on a waiting list for several years wasn't apparently a sacrifice and everyone unable to get waivers got the small grants for wasteful government spending on partial payments for things like AAC devices and wheelchairs. Who needs those?  

Oh, and that was the one that had matching federal funding. So everything they take away has bigger impact than just the funding they saved. Sweet. It's a twofer. 

I'm just a little pissed at this right now. I was hoping when I originally heard the news that they'd shifted funding from the grants and were instead using it to reduce the waiting list. It would make financial sense, since the matching funds would increase the impact of every dollar they spent. But no, it was apparently just dump on the disabled week. 

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