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Thursday, May 14, 2009

Legos by the Pound

So there comes a time in many a young autistic boy's life, when other toys cease to amuse him. He must move on to Legos. I swear, I have friends who should just buy stock in the company. Their kids can quote kits and prices and only want one thing for Christmas. 

Anyway, King's been playing with Legos, and Princess Pea digs them just as much, so we've decided to put the Mr Potato Head kits, wooden blocks, peg puzzles, and other toys that aren't as fascinating in the closet for a while. Maybe they'll come back. Maybe they'll go to the preschool. We'll see. 

Turns out they sell Legos by the pound on eBay, so there's a nice bulk package heading our way. I hope the parts don't all suck. His OT was surprised he was using regular Legos at this point, but he's able to handle them pretty well. So fine motor skill builder, yay. May very few of them end up under our feet. 


  1. I love legos!! Except at three in the morning when they grind into my instep.

  2. My Legomaniac son would want me to tell you that the plural of "Lego" is "Lego". Kinda like "fish" I guess and, while some people say "fishes", I've never heard a fisher say it...

  3. Ha! Fishes is correct if you're talking about more than one species of fish, so maybe it's legos when you're talking about more than one style or series?

    The set came yesterday, and it had space ship pieces, lots bricks, and some very odd claw like things. It's an awesome assortment. The kids are entertained.