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Wednesday, May 27, 2009


So I'm talking with someone who has children about to enter college soon. She earns about twice what I do, since they have a two income family at this point. She's complaining that the selective admissions schools her kids want to attend will mean she'll have to come up with an extra $25k a year to pay for them.

I sympathized, since that's about what it would take to give my kid the recommended level of intensive therapy he needs. She then said, "Yeah, but my expenses are not optional." Yes, because paying for Princeton is not optional. Obviously. And supports for the cognitively disabled are just nice perks. Ugh, people suck sometimes, and they don't even realize why.


  1. Did ya tell her? My mouth would have been open in shock at the complete self-absorption of that woman, and when my mouth was able to return to its upright position, I'd have popped off with something smart ass, like "And they say people with autism lack a theory of mind. Your mirron neurons not firing today, lady?"

    If you've got her email, just send her a link to your blog. I'm winning lots of friends, you know, with my willingness to let my internal censor take a break. She can read your post and my response and get a clue. :-)

  2. (I'm feisty today, in case you didn't notice!). I had to face paint my share of nearly 80 pre-k-ers, and I'm not a painter. :-) Bad hearts on all of 'em, girls and boys who got me.

  3. Yeah, this is a bridge I can't afford to burn, but let's just say this isn't the first time I've noticed a short in the theory of mind department.