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Friday, May 15, 2009

Jenny McCarthy Is Full of Poop

Warning. This is a gross post. 

Ok, so I read Jenny McCarthy's blog over on Oprah's site, and it's pretty much as vapid as I thought it would be. A recent post illustrates this about as well as anything. She waxes poetic about poop. About how she regularly has her son's analyzed, I guess so she can have an OCD meltdown about all the bugs that are in everyone's poop.

Seriously? That's what poop is. That's why you wash your hands after you come in contact with it. It's full of bacteria. That's normal. It's true of everyone's poop. And if it's not, you're in for a world of hurt, 'cause you've killed off things that help you digest. Sheesh! 

I guess that's a big thing in the woo-sphere now, though, to be convinced that some product is clearing your poop of all the hordes of hidden parasites. Someone even once linked me to some forum where they actually *gag* examined the stuff with a pokey stick to see what all imaginary critters from the black lagoon they were killing off. 

Anyway, she was shocked to find out her poop was just as full of yeast and bacteria as her son's. Gosh golly gee, it couldn't have anything to do with that being normal, ordinary, everyday poop, now could it? It must mean she should immediately consume evil big pharma products that kill yeast. (You see, big pharma is ok when they kill naturally occurring internal flora, and it's ok when it paralyzes part of your face to hide wrinkles from all the chain smoking you used to do, but it's not ok if it saves the lives of children from measles. )  Everyone clear?

Anyway, who does this? Seriously. I've heard about taking a crap all over the blog, but she's doing just that literally. I bet her tweets about crapping are just as entertaining. That woman craps pure yeast and bacteria infested gold. Speaking of gold, this post on it was hilarious

Let's finish up with a song, shall we?


  1. aahhhh...but does HER poop stink? does it ever!

  2. :-) I like your labels for this one. Too bad Huff won't let us talk about it. Maybe we need a sockpuppet and pretend we're all in favor of the blog on poop. I bet it would get on then.

  3. Well, ya know, a girls gotta make some money, Autism. And this is just pure marketing for Jenny McC. After all, if people stop believing her pseudoscience crap, her 2 for profit websites might begin to lose some seriously healthy sales.

    Also, this woman has no class. Her poop blogging doesn't surprise me in the list.

  4. Can I hug you? Or at least mail you some cookies. It is so refreshing to see a someone call JM on her crap. Her psuedoscience is so detrimental to people who are desperately seeking answers. She seems to walk that fine line of ignorance where she knows just enough to think she knows everything but not enough to realize she knows nothing. Someone will get hurt one day.